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Learning Watercolour - the nontraditional way

Learning Watercolour - the nontraditional way

Are you interested in learning watercolor but want to put your own spin on this medium?

Are you finding that soft washes are just not you?

Are you wanting to learn a different way to use watercolor rather than the traditional impressionistic Style?


In this class you will learn all about using watercolor in a different way that produces strong vibrant colours. You will learn how to work wet on dry and wet on wet. Find out the difference between hot pressed and cold pressed papers and what each type of paper is good for.

You will learn to push this lovely medium to its extent by using watercolour in tubes, mixing on the paper itself and even working in layers. Find out how versatile watercolour can really be!

Learn how to correct mistakes as you go. Watercolour is a lot more forgiving than you think!

Learn how to plan your painting before you start. We will be doing some floral studies so you will also have a beautiful piece of work at the end of this class.

As this is a live class, limited numbers do apply to ensure that personal attention can still be given.


Sue Schreiber from Sue Creates Art has been teaching for over 35 years and will be sharing her knowledge in working with Watercolor paint but in a different, more vibrant way than the traditional soft washes that are commonly used.


What you will need:

  • 1 sheet of cold pressed Watercolour paper
  • 1 sheet of hot pressed Watercolour paper
  • 3-5 different brushes from fine to medium to large,
  • Paper towel
  • Set of watercolor paints in tubes, including white


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