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Learn how to draw at Oxlades in Cairns

Learn how to draw at Oxlades in Cairns
Want to learn how to draw?
Starts on 24th January
10 - 1pm Tuesday Mornings
(Weekly Classes)

Are you a beginner that is wanting to learn how to draw?
Are you someone who has been dabbling in art but want to know the structure to make everything work properly?
Are you wanting to have confidence in the choices you make when creating art?
Are you wanting to join a weekly art class to help you create sensational art?


In this class you will learn drawing from the basics.  You will learn how to draw so that your objects will look three dimensional.  You will learn all about perspective and how to use tones and hues to create depth in your work.  You will begin to understand how shapes are put together and learn the basics to create more complex shapes.  
You will learn how to draw ellipses, circles, boxes - really this covers everything.
We will start in charcoal to learn the structure behind drawing, and then continue on in pastel to learn colour theory.  From there on in  - the world is your creative oyster!


Sue Schreiber from Sue Creates Art lives in Cairns now and she is looking forward to helping you to take your skills to the next level.  Sue has been teaching for over 36 years and will be sharing all her drawing knowledge with you.  


Drawing paper suitable for Charcoal
Willow Charcoal
Compressed Charcoal - Black Conte
White Conte
Paper towel
Kneadable Rubber

PRICE - $330 pp (inc GST)
This includes 10 x 3 hour classes.  It does not include your art materials and supplies.

OXLADES ART SUPPLIES, 192 Newell Street, Cairns QLD 4870
For enquiries call Sue - 0438 139 045

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