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Painting Flowers In Acrylic Workshop

Painting Flowers In Acrylic Workshop

Tuesday 10th January 2023
Wednesday 11th January 2023

Time: 1 - 4pm

@Oxlades, Cairns

192 Newell St, Bungalow QLD 4870

Included in Fee:

    Quality acrylic Paint
    Selection of brushes
    1 x 10' x 12' Primed canvas
    Palette, mediums, sketch paper & sundries

Fee: $235

There are many different styles and techniques that you can use to paint with acrylics on canvas!

It’s great to learn to paint flowers because these are so suited for beginners or advanced students, as they can be more simple or more complex depending on the style you use and the type of flower.

In this workshop, over 2 afternoons you will learn how to paint flowers with some basic techniques which will use lots of wet-on-wet canvas blending.

Spaces are limited so book early @
Mob: 0438 139 045

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