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Tangling at Oxlades in Cairns

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Meditation for the creative mind
10 - 1pm Saturday Mornings
17th July - 31st July 2021

Are you a creative that wants to de-stress and practise mindfulness in a creative way?
Are you someone that just wants to doodle to create?
This is the fun way to help with anxiety, chronic pain conditions and relaxation.  Its all about the act of repetitive shapes and doodles.  The simple act of creating these will sooth your mind and helps you stay focused.

Are you saying but I can't draw!  That is the beauty of this - this is not about being a perfect artist - the benefits of this is actually in the doing and not the final creation.

Mindfulness has been proven to  help you achieve:     

  • To be More Present   
  • Self-awareness            
  • Less stress                
  • Mood Boost                        
  • Calmness                         
  • Relaxation                         
  • More focus               
  • Increased Creativity
  • Helps with chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia

You will learn to create the little doodles and shapes you need to construct these really unique pieces of art, as well as learning to relax in a very creative wayl

Sue Schreiber from Sue Creates Art has been teaching for over 35 years and will show you how to create the images needed to create your own unique tangles.  Many people have discovered the benefits of meditation. And this way of doodling does exactly the same thing as meditation as it allows you to side step life for a little and enjoy the art of creating.

All supplies needed are ready for you to purchase from Oxlades.  You will need Grey-lead Pencil - preferably 4b, Card Paper, Eraser, Fineliner pen, Sharpener, Soft willow Charcoal

PRICE - $99 pp (inc GST)
This includes 3 x 3 hour classes.  It does not include your art materials and supplies.

OXLADES ART SUPPLIES, 192 Newell Street, Cairns QLD 4870
For enquiries call Sue - 0438 139 045

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