SHS Boutique opens in Kuranda, Far North Queensland!

Introducing an Artist's Boutique featuring my exclusive line of clothing, bags, accessories, and my very own artwork!

And that's not all! We're thrilled to showcase the incredible talents of local and Australian artists, offering a stunning array of jewellery, hand-woven shawls, exquisite wooden bowls, collector resin pieces, handprinted tea towels, and so much more!

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  • Art

    From scratchboard to digital, explore art across mediums and time.
    Traditional beauty meets modern innovation, captivating senses and
    igniting imaginations. Discover a world where art knows no bounds.

  • SHS Boutique

    Step into the world of SHS Boutique, where Sue's artistic vision translates into exquisite fashion. Vibrant colors and intricate details come to life, reflecting Sue's passion for art and design. SHS Boutique is more than just fashion; it's an experience that celebrates creativity and self-expression.

  • Surface Pattern Design

    Where Art Meets Function

    Surface pattern design transforms everyday objects, breathing life into ordinary spaces. From intricate florals to bold geometric patterns, Sue's surface pattern design offers endless possibilities for creative expression. It's a dynamic field where art and design collaborate to beautify the world around us.

Wear your love for the Tropics: Unique, handpainted bags that celebrate Australia's bursts of floral firewheels.

Carry a burst of sunshine: Hand-painted handbags featuring vibrant bottlebrush flowers.