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Born in Germany, Sue spent her formative years travelling widely before finally immigrating to Australia in the early 70’s.

After discovering Art throughout her travels and cementing her interest during Art studies at school, Sue decided to continue her studies at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Printmaking.

She discovered during this time that she had sensitivity to various chemicals used for screen-printing, etching and linocuts. Once the BA was obtained, she decided not to continue in this medium, instead furthering her works in other mediums, specialising in chalk pastel and watercolour pencil.

Sue expanded into teaching art classes and privately tutored Fine Art Degree students, successfully assisting students in developing their portfolios to better meet the course requirements of the relevant Universities.

In 1997 she also completed a Advanced Certificate in Illustration, which lead to a more commercial aspect in her work. She produced various commissions in both Fine Art and in Illustration.

In 2000 Sue became involved with Australian wildlife and soon started to design artwork to be used in wildlife promotion and to create funding for wildlife. This new found passion and love for animals continues to this day, and often her subject matter involves animals in some form.

Patterns and colours have always been a central part of her work and this experience led to new, diverse opportunities in designing and co-ordinating Pyrotechnic displays from 2002 onwards.

Sue continues to design and create her own artwork, ceramics and photography, producing a range of Greeting Cards concentrating on Australian flora and fauna themes, for distribution through various retail shops, vets and pet shops.

2013 brought a fresh focus in her continuing development when discovering a new interest in the medium of Scratchboard.

Another discovery was made after attending a Lino Reduction Workshop in Perth, Western Australia, where she was exposed to a variety of oil-based inks that are water-soluble. This brought a welcome return to one of her favourite techniques and mediums.

Sue furthered her studies once again with a Certificate IV in Design as well as completing a Surface Pattern Design Course (UK).  All these different fields have now taken her full circle to producing her own Designs, Illustrations, Fine Art and Printmaking.  At present her designs are being bought both nationally in Australia as well as internationally and get used on a large variety of end products - from Swimwear at Speedo's to Bed Linen at Walmart.  Her work is also regularly shown in Tradeshows in LA and NY through a Boutique Print Studio in LA.

She is also freelancing internationally as a Designer and Graphic Designer with clients throughout the world.  Her work has been very varied, being asked to design anything from logos and other normal graphic design jobs, through to artworks printed on large surfaces.

Teaching has also remained to be a constant focus and she runs workshops in Victoria, Australia, on a monthly basis.  Sue also has been teaching on various online forums and recently wrote a Curriculum and created a Illustration Advanced Online Course for a Graphic Design School.

Sue still creates her own artwork and exhibits her art work regularly and is a member of WASA (Wildlife Art Society of Australasia) and has won several awards for her creations.



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